When Is The Best Time To Order A T-Top?

October 24, 2019
You’re not the only one who wants a t-top by boating season. It’s time to get on that waiting list.

When is the best time of year to buy a t-top for your boat? There really isn’t a bad time to add an aluminum t-top to your boat. After all, they’re a great investment to upgrade your boat and boost resale value. But as we approach Christmas time, you’re probably starting to make a list of gifts for your husband or your family. A larger investment that everyone can enjoy is always a better bet than a bunch of small gifts that we be easily forgotten. So, for our family, the answer is simple:

Christmas is the best time to buy a T-Top. 

Before you get started designing your custom fabricated t-top, there are a few things you should know. To start, we use the most durable aluminum alloy available on the market to resist corrosion and ensure that your investment is going to last. Year after year, your boat is going to be exposed to water, wind, sun, and choppy conditions. (As they say, smooth seas never made a skilled fisherman.)

In this season of giving, you may be tempted to opt for an aftermarket t-top that is ready to be installed on your boat right away. But looking further down the line at the life of your investment, custom fabrication comes with so many more benefits. You’ll be able to design a t-top that is just as beautiful as it is functional. 

When considering functionality, you should work one-on-one with our designers to see which features will be most important to you. It all depends on what you’d like to use your boat for. 

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A T-Top

Christmas is a popular time to order a custom t-top because fabrication will take place in the off season, when you most likely wouldn’t be using the boat anyway. Because of this, we often have a waiting list for t-tops in the winter. If you plan on gifting a family member with a custom aluminum t-top this Christmas, give our office a call now. Our designers will work on a sketch with you to help bring your vision to life, and your boat will be ready to splash down by the first boat weekend of 2020!



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